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Roles of Penang Port Commission

1. As a Port Authority under the Penang Commission Act, 1955, PPC undertakes the following tasks:

  1. execute its statutory functions
  2. oversee activities within the port area
  3. issue license to harbour pilots
  4. control over marine activities through the Pilotage Committee on the conduct of pilots, safety of harbour and marine accidents
  5. coordinate activities of the port through the issuance of foreshore occupation licenses and port conveyance permits, etc
  6. promote the development of the port
  7. coordinate feedback system from port users
  8. port promotion.

2. As a Regulatory Authority under the Ports (Privatization) Act 1990, PPC:

  1. acts as a landlord in ensuring that proper utilization of land is being done as planned
  2. acts as lessor in ensuring that alterations are not done to the buildings and structures of the port without approval from PPC and the property leased is to be used solely for the purpose as described in the agreement
  3. acts as a licensor in issuing operating licence to the licensed operator subject to specified conditions
  4. establishes and monitors the performance standards of the licensed operator (PPSB) by virtue of the Privatisation Agreement and Clause 3 of the License granted to PPSB.
  5. establishes feedback system from port users with regard to performance of the licensed operator.

3. As a Port Resource Centre for the northern region, PPC:

  1. collects all statistical data and information on port and ferry activities
  2. supplies statistical data and information to the government agencies and corporate bodies
  3. entertains enquiries with regards to matters affecting the port
  4. liaises with government agencies and private sectors with respect to port and ferry services
  5. acts as an advisory body in matters relating to activities of the port
  6. facilitates research activities of the port and ferry services

4. As the Administrator of the Free Commercial Zone (FCZ), PPC:

  1. ensures the the perimeter of the FCZ is fenced with parallel fencing or wall complete with passage for entry and exit
  2. ensures that the fenced area and passage way entering and leaving the FCZ is lighted from 6.30pm to 7.30am the following day
  3. requires the operator to provide an office for Customs and also a checkpoint at the entrance
  4. ensures that the operator complies with the Free Zone Act 1990 and Free Zone Regulations 1991
  5. submits annual report pertaining to FCZ activities and policies to the Finance Minister
  6. ensures that the operator controls the movement of the users and goods in and out of FCZ
  7. ensures that the operator manages the operations with due consideration to the duties and interest of Customs and taxable goods are kept in the FCZ
  8. ensures that all instructions issued by the Director-General of Customs are being complied with by the operator

5. As a Trade Facilitator


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